Develop a strong foundation in Math

Accelerate beyond the ordinary with Math Buddy RISE

Live online classes with expert teachers

Grades 1 to 8

Live online classes with expert teachers. Learn in small groups of 1 : 4 or Individual 1 : 1

How Math Buddy RISE can help your child?

  • Experiential Learning

    Conceptual Understanding

    Through an activity based curriculum, our expert Math teachers help children learn concepts with understanding

  • Experiential Learning

    Visualize and Model Math

    Learn to model word problems using the Singapore Block Model Method, and Visualize Math like never before

  • Experiential Learning

    Speed of Calculation

    Children love to compete with their peers during the Rapid Fire round in each session which develops speed

  • Individualized Attention

    Mathematical Reasoning

    Learn to solve Mathematical Reasoning and Application type questions to appreciate Math better

  • Teacher-led program

    Logical Reasoning

    Logical reasoning questions and Math puzzles to help children think beyond textbooks, and think logically

  • Teacher-led program

    Higher Order Thinking Skills

    Math Buddy RISE helps children rise up beyond the ordinary by developing HOTS
    (Higher order thinking skills)

Understanding + Application + Reasoning Skills = 100% Concept Clarity

View detailed curriculum for grade 2
  • Math Buddy
    12 sessions


    Price per class: ₹400
    • In-depth exploration of one or two concepts
    • One or two Assessments
    • Capstone Projects
    • Olympiad Preparation
    Math Buddy
    52 sessions


    Price per class: ₹350
    • Full-year Math curriculum
    • Revisions and Assessments
    • 1 Capstone Project
    • Olympiad Preparation
    Math Buddy
    80 sessions


    Price per class: ₹330
    • Full-year Math curriculum
    • Revisions and Assessments
    • 2 Capstone Projects
    • Olympiad Preparation

Join hundreds of parents who give their children a solid foundation with our program


How is the RISE program different?

  • Comprehensive program with focus on Mental Math, Concept visualization and understanding, Application level word problems, and Reasoning questions
  • Homeworks and video solutions to help practice beyond the regular sessions
  • Continuous assessment every 6 sessions to measure and ensure student progress
  • Preparation for International Math Olympiads
  • 24/7 Access to the teacher beyond classroom for query resolutions
  • Designed to develop confidence in children for solving Math problems
Math Buddy Work

Join hundreds of parents who give their children a solid foundation with our program


Some snippets from the RISE program


Studies show that students retain more than 75% of what they learn by doing compared to just 10% for traditional learning


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Math Buddy RISE program is designed to be a complete program which not only helps children visualize and understand concepts using Math Buddy, but also learn to solve application problems and reasoning questions that help children understand where and how these concepts are applied in real life.

    Children work in small groups and enjoy solving Math puzzles and logical reasoning questions in addition to learning school level Math, all led by high quality instructors who facilitate the learning process.

  • Math Buddy RISE is a level based program where children master the skills in the level they are placed in, and graduate to higher levels. Children meet twice a week and work with expert instructors who help them understand concepts and engage them in lively discussions.

    Every session starts with an icebreaker puzzle, continues with a rapid-fire session to get practice with speed, and the learn Math concepts using activities in Math Buddy. After this, children solve application level Mathematical reasoning questions on the topics learnt, and finally the session ends with solving some logical reasoning questions

  • Yes. While children learn to solve application problems and reasoning problems in the class, they get to solve similar questions at home to get further practice. This is an important component of the learning process in the RISE program. Children are also assigned interesting projects during vacation times so that they are continually engaged.

  • Assessments are conducted every 12 sessions based on what the children have learnt, and these serve as the basis for assessing their progress. The reports of these assessments are discussed with parents along with overall feedback about their child on a regular basis.

  • With Math Buddy RISE, we have an unique opportunity to understand the learning needs of each and every child and place them in appropriate levels so that they can learn concepts that they are having difficulty with. It is quite possible that children may be placed one or two levels below their current school grade. This means, they may not be learning what is being currently taught in school in the short-term. However, in the long run, we sincerely believe that this will help them do well in Math in school and become successful in whatever they do.

  • Live classes are conducted twice a week one hour per session. Generally a Level may take between 6 to 9 months to complete.

  • Yes, since our content is rich in critical reasoning, Olympiad training is also covered in our sessions.