Curriculum - Grade 8

Learn and practice topics in Grade 8 Math such as Squares and Square roots, Cubes and Cube roots, Algebraic operations, Factorization of polynomials, Algebraic identities, properties of quadrilaterals and polygons, areas of quadrilaterals.

Each topic is split into smaller skills, and students master these skills by learning and practicing through interactive activities and worksheets. Interactive quizzes are assigned to students at the end of every topic to assess the level of understanding.

Rational Numbers
  • Rational Numbers on a number line
  • Ordering rational numbers
  • Addition of rational numbers when denominators are same
  • Addition of rational numbers when one denominator is a multiple of the other
  • Properties of Addition of Rational Numbers
  • Subtraction of rational numbers
  • Property of Subtraction of Rational Numbers
  • Multiplication of rational numbers
  • Properties of Multiplication of Rational Numbers
  • Division of rational numbers
  • Properties of Division of Rational Numbers
  • Density of rational numbers
  • Reciprocal in Exponential Form
  • Laws of exponents for rational numbers
Squares and Square roots
  • Find square, square root of a number
  • Properties of square numbers
  • Square roots by Prime Factorization and Division methods
  • Square root of decimal numbers
  • Squares and Square root of Rational Numbers
Cube and Cube Roots
  • Prime Factorization of perfect cubes
  • Find cubes, cube root of a number
  • Cube root of Rational numbers
  • Cube roots of decimals
Algebraic Expressions and Operations - Revision
  • Terms of an algebraic expression
  • Like and Unlike terms
  • Degree of an algebraic expression with a single variable
  • Types of polynomials
Operations with Polynomials
  • Addition and Subtraction of polynomials
  • Properties of polynomial addition and subtraction
  • Multiply a monomial by a binomial
  • Multiply a binomial by a binomial
  • Divide a polynomial by a polynomial
  • Identity 2: (a+b)^2: Graphical and Analytical Representation
  • Identity 3: (a-b)^2: Graphical and Analytical Representation
  • Identity 4: (a^2- b^2): Graphical and Analytical Representation
  • Application of Quadratic Identities
  • Identity 5: (a+b+c)(a+b+c)
  • Cubic Identity 1: (a+b)^3
  • Cubic Identity 2: (a-b)^3
  • Cubic Identity 3: a^3 + b^3
  • Cubic Identity 4: a^3 - b^3
  • Simplify using quadratic and cubic identities
  • Application of cubic Identities
  • Factorization of polynomials using GCF
  • Solve quadratic by middle term factorization
  • Factorization using identities
  • Middle term factorization (form x^2+bx+c)
  • Middle term factorization (form ax^2+bx+c)
Linear equations in one variable - Review
  • Linear equations with unknown on both the sides
  • Solving simple linear equation with variables on one side
  • Real life solution through Algebraic Expressions - I
Percentage Applications
  • Simplest form of Ratio
  • Increase or Decrease in Percentage
  • Profit and Loss percentage
  • Profit and Loss with Overhead Charges
  • Discount
Compound Interest
  • Introduction to Compound Interest
  • Calculation of Compound Interest
  • Interest compounded over other time periods
  • Applications of Compound Intere
Direct and Inverse Variations
  • Direct & Inverse Variation
  • Work and Time
  • Speed, Distance and Time
Polygons and Quadrilaterals
  • Exterior angle sum for a polygon
  • Interior angles of polygons
  • Angle sum of a quadrilateral
  • Properties of Quadrilaterals
Representing solids
  • Views of a solid - II
Construction of quadrilaterals
  • Quadrilateral with four sides and one angle given
  • Quadrilateral with four sides and one diagonal given
  • Quadrilaterals with two adjacent sides and three angles given
  • Quadrilaterals with three sides and two included angles given
  • Quadrilateral with given three sides and two diagonals
Area of Polygons
  • Area of Quadrilaterals
  • Area of Trapezium
  • Area of Rhombus
Surface Area and Volume
  • Lateral and Total Surface Area of Cuboid
  • Lateral and Total Surface Area of Cube
  • Curved and Total surface area of Cylinder
  • Volume of a cuboid
  • Volume of a cube
  • Volume of cylinder
Tabular Data and its Representation
  • Interpret data table
  • Grouped frequency distribution
  • Class intervals and Class sizes
  • Cumulative frequency
  • Graphical Representation of Data - Bar Graphs
  • Graphical Representation of Data - Histogram
  • Graphical Representation of Data - Frequency polygon
  • Dependent and Independent events
  • Conditional probability

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