Curriculum - Grade 2

Learn and practice topics in Grade 2 Math such as Numbers up to 1000 including place value representation, comparison, addition, subtraction, multiplication, Measurement with non-standard units, and Geometry with 2D and 3D shapes, patterns, and Pictographs.

Each topic is split into smaller skills, and students master these skills by learning and practicing through interactive activities and worksheets. Interactive quizzes are assigned to students at the end of every topic to assess the level of understanding.

Smaller Numbers (up to 100) - Revision
  • Represent numbers in Ones and Tens
  • Standard and Expanded Form (upto 99)
  • Numbers on Numberline - upto 100
  • Compare Numbers upto 99
  • Ordering Numbers (up to 100)
  • Regrouping of numbers (upto 100)
Number System and Place Value
  • Numbers using Place Value Blocks (up to 999)
  • Identify Numbers using Place value (up to 999)
  • Place Value (up to 999)
  • Domino Representation (up to 999)
  • Numberline representation (up to 999)
  • Number names (up to 999)
  • Standard and Expanded Form - upto 999
  • Compare Numbers (up to 999)
  • Order Numbers (up to 999)
  • Regrouping Numbers (up to 999)
Ordinal and Cardinal Numbers
  • Ordinal numbers
  • Mark the position of the given object
  • Identify ordinal and cardinal numbers
Rounding and Estimation
  • Round to the nearest 10s
  • Round to the nearest 100s
  • Estimate the position on Number line - I
  • Addition of small numbers using numberline (upto 20)
  • Addition of 2 digit numbers without regrouping
  • Adding three 2-digit numbers (without regrouping)
  • Addition of two digit numbers with regrouping to tens
  • Addition of two digit numbers with regrouping to more than ten
  • Adding three 1-digit numbers with regrouping
  • Adding three 2-digit numbers with regrouping
  • Subtraction order cannot be changed
  • Connecting addition and subtraction
  • Subtracting 0 from a number
  • Subtraction on a number line or hundreds grid - less than 100
  • Subtract 1 digit number from 2 digit number with borrowing
  • Subtract 2 digit numbers with borrowing
  • Subtraction word problems (2 digit numbers)
  • Addition and subtraction (upto 99)
  • Subtraction of 3 digit numbers without borrowing
  • Multiplication as repeated addition
  • Groups of items and using multiplication symbol 'X'
  • Build a multiplication table
  • Multiplication of single digit numbers
  • Multiplication on numberlines and skip counting
  • Multiplying 2 digit numbers with 1 digit number (without regrouping)
  • Multiplying 2 digit numbers with 1 digit numbers (with regrouping)
  • Sleeping, Standing and Slanting Lines
  • Vertices (corners) and sides of basic shapes
  • Identify basic 3D shapes
  • Recognize basic patterns
  • Match the Pattern
  • Standards for measurement
  • Measure using a ruler
  • Associate the length unit
Weight and Capacity
  • Measure in kilograms and grams
  • Identify the correct unit - gram or kilogram
  • Which holds more?
Time and Calendar
  • Read time on a clock (half past)
  • Count days from calendar
  • Counting money - Level 2
  • Adding money
  • Subtracting Money
  • Represent using Pictographs

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