Curriculum - Grade 1

Learn and practice topics in Grade 1 Math such as Numbers up to 100 including counting, Tens and Ones, Comparison, Addition, Subtraction, Measurement units including length, weight, time, and Geometry with identifying 2D and 3D shapes, sorting shapes based on attributes.

Each topic is split into smaller skills, and students master these skills by learning and practicing through interactive activities and worksheets. Interactive quizzes are assigned to students at the end of every topic to assess the level of understanding.

Pre number concept
  • Identical Objects
  • Matching Objects
  • Comparing Objects
Counting, Comparing and Ordering numbers
  • Count till 10
  • Relate Objects with Numbers up to 10
  • One More (up to 10)
  • One Less (up to 10)
  • Comparing Numbers (up to 10)
  • Ordering Numbers (up to 10)
  • Count till 20
  • Count till 50
  • Introduction to ones and tens
  • Represent numbers in Ones and Tens
  • Standard and Expanded Form (upto 99)
  • Forward and Backward counting
  • Before, After and Between Numbers (up to 100)
  • Write Number Names
  • Numbers on Numberline - upto 100
  • Compare Numbers upto 99
  • Ordering Numbers (up to 100)
  • Regrouping of numbers (upto 100)
  • Addition of one digit numbers using real objects
  • Addition of single digit numbers using symbols ‘+’
  • Addition of zero to a number
  • Number Bonds - (Below 10)
  • Addition of numbers on a numberline (1 to 9)
  • Addition word problems in pictures and stories. (upto 10)
  • Addition of numbers upto 20
  • Addition of small numbers using numberline (upto 20)
  • Adding two digit numbers with 1 digit number
  • Addition of 2 digit numbers without regrouping
  • Subtraction using real objects and pictures
  • Subtraction of single digit numbers using numberline
  • Subtraction of single digit numbers using symbols ‘-’ and word problems
  • Subtract 1 digit from 2 digits without regrouping
  • Subtract 2 digit numbers without borrowing
Weight and Capacity
  • Heavy or Light
  • Measure weight using blocks
  • Comparing objects by weights
  • Which holds more?
Time and Money
  • Read time from a clock (full hour)
  • Understanding Currency
  • Counting money - Level 1
  • Basic Two Dimensional Shapes
  • Match the shapes
  • Identify basic 3D shapes
Patterns and Spatial understanding
  • Recognize basic patterns
  • Spatial Understanding
Introduction to Data
  • Count the data points

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