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NEP Aligned Experiential Math Teaching and Learning Program for School and Home

Who we are?

Math Buddy is a comprehensive Math Teaching and Learning program that uses best-in-class experiential hands-on learning with digital interactive technology to help students explore, experience and enjoy Math!

Our objective is to provide tools to help teachers illustrate Math concepts better in the classroom, and for children to learn Math concepts with understanding.

Access thousands of interactive activities to help teachers bring concepts to life in the classroom

Our Approach

"Learning by Doing" is the core of Math Buddy. Whether it is hands-on learning or interactive virtual activities, we believe Math is best learnt by doing it. This way, children experience math concepts in a way they will never forget.

By using a combination of hands-on learning and technology to help children visualize concepts, we help teachers illustrate concepts better in the classroom, get children to visualize and understand better, and make the classroom interactive where every child participates.

Math Buddy's CPA approach brings together more than 100 hands-on activities, 1300+ interactive activities and simulations, hundreds of interactive Math worksheets and quizzes

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Our Program

Math Buddy has all the resources for the teachers to teach and students to learn. High quality reusable hands on material with top rated digital content makes it easy for children to understand the concepts better and lays a solid foundation right from a young age. Our implementation program makes Math Buddy work for your classroom from day 1. Our digital content is aligned with various curriculum that supports grade level learning.

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This couple quit their well-paying jobs to make Math fun and fearless for kids

We wanted to use our background to create tools that could help teachers teach better and for students to practice mathematics while having fun.

Math is a scary subject for many. And this fear is so real that there is an actual phobia associated with it, called the Math Phobia, or Math Anxiety that stops a person from efficiently tackling mathematical problems... More

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Awards and Recognitions
Math Buddy Awards and Recognitions
Math Buddy Awards and Recognitions
Math Buddy Awards and Recognitions
Math Buddy Awards and Recognitions
Math Buddy Awards and Recognitions