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The names on the Wall of Fame are displayed based on the Composite score achieved by the students over the past 7 days.

The composite score is calculated based on their weighted performance in Activities, Smart sheets, Assessments and Question of the Day and Discussion forum posts.

A student needs to have attempted at least one smart sheet or assessment over the past 7 days in order to qualify for the Wall of Fame.

5 points are awarded for every forum post like.

The Wall of Fame is updated every 10 minutes.

Math Buddy Digital Plus presents a unique confluence of hands-on mathematics tools and digital content to help children explore and enjoy Mathematics like never before!

At Math Buddy, it is our belief that modern day learning system has to be a blended form of teaching and learning strategies, for a child to experience and build connections with the concepts. Thus, it has to be a combination of exploratory, investigative and digital form of learning

Keeping this fact in mind, we have designed a combination of the best in class physical instruments to help students experience concepts, and virtual interactive activities to help reinforce the concepts and visualize complex mathematical processes with ease.

Math Buddy Lab Instruments
  • Made of good quality plastics or acrylics suitable for young hands
  • Supported by carefully designed activities class-wise
  • Observation sheets to guide the students in exploration
  • Training videos to help teachers effectively use the instruments

Math Buddy @School Virtual Math Lab
  • Fully interactive platform with thousands of activities to make learning fun and engaging
  • Can be accessed from classroom or from a lab
  • Exhaustive framework with curriculum mapping capability
  • Assessment database to help teachers create good quality worksheets within minutes

Math Buddy Classroom Plus Interactive Math Solution
  • An online platform for accessing Math Buddy from home
  • Packed with activities, smart sheets and assessments
  • Students compete with other students from all over the world while practicing concepts
  • Detailed reports for teachers to track usage and performance
  • Access from any place, anytime through internet