Blended Math designed to fit into
the teaching and learning needs of teachers and students

About Math Buddy

A unique confluence of best in class hands-on manipulatives with virtual interactive activities to help students explore, experience and enjoy Math!

Students explore Math concepts through on instruments

Teachers illustrate concepts in the classrooms using the software and make the classroom interactive, where every student participates

Students continue to learn and practice from their homes using the Primo Cloud platform


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Our Approach - Math Buddy in the Classroom and Beyond

"Learning by Doing" is the core of Math Buddy. Whether it is hands-on instruments or interactive virtual activities, we believe math is best understood by doing it. This way, children experience math concepts in a way they will never forget.
Using a blended approach which includes hands-on and virtual activities, teachers can reach out to all types of learners. Teachers could also use a flipped classroom approach to create discussion rich learner-centered classrooms.
All ideal Math Buddy classroom is one where the students sit around in groups of 5 or 6 and do hands on activities where they explore math concepts.
This is followed by teachers using the virtual platform to illustrate/reinforce concepts. Later they assign work for students to practice one-on-one in a math lab/computer lab or from home using the Primo Cloud platform.
There are more than 1300 interactive activities, 700 interactive smart sheets and assessments covering all topics from grades 1 to 10.

Features and Benefits of Math Buddy for Schools

Make your classroom come alive!

Contains over 1300+ interactive activities from grades (1-10) and digital content developed based on consultation with educationists and extensive research on the teaching methodologies in different parts of the world.

Get hands-on with our versatile math instruments

Math Buddy "Concrete2Concept" hands-on Math manipulatives is a collection of well-researched and flexible instruments with detailed class-wise activity manuals.
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Mapped to standard curriculums

We provide comprehensive coverage to all the different boards in India, making it easy for teachers ans students to use. Teachers can also use the Lessons Planning feature to create curriculums for themselves.
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Customised worksheets & printable for practice

More than 700 interactive worksheets for students to practice. Create unlimited custom worksheets and assessments using the Math Buddy assessment database and get the students exposed to a variety of questions.

Training & Continuous

Focus on effective implementation of the solution in schools with on-campus training, teacher support instructional video apps, live webinars, on demand Skype sessions to support teachers, schools and much more...

Built for Cloud

Learning need not be confined to the school. Students and teachers can access Math Buddy anywhere, anytime using any device (tablet, desktop or a reasonable sized smartphones) using our Primo Cloud platform.

Control and monitor progress to drive usage

Detailed reports to help teachers and school administrators monitor usage and performance anytime and anywhere. Weekly emails to parents and teachers summarizing the progress every week.

Shine at Olympiad with Mathlathon

Students can participate in Mathlathon, an online Math Olympiad conducted thrice a year to test conceptual understanding. Students from all over the world compete to become Math Buddy's Wiz!
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And it's affordable

Setting up Math Buddy Primo in your school is not that expensive, considering all the above features. We have affordable implementation plans for standalone or group of schools.


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