Math Buddy covers all the topics of class 6. Topics include number patterns, factors, HCF and LCM, basic geometry, measurement, angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, 3D shapes, integers, decimal fractions, data handling, area, perimeter, algebra, ratios and proportions and many more interactive activities, worksheets and assessments for better understanding of math concepts.

The skills are organised into topics, and you will be able to play with unlocked activities.

You can try out any of the activities for 10 minutes.

Math Buddy Skills - Class 6
 Number systems and Representation (review)
     Order of Operations (BODMAS)
       Tests for Divisibility
         Factors and Multiples (review)
           Prime Factors
             Introduction to GCF and LCM
               GCF and LCM using Prime Factors
                 Roman Numerals
                   Introduction to Integers
                     Integer Comparison
                       Integer Operations
                         Integer Operations Practice
                           Properties of Integer Operations
                             Fractions for collection of objects
                               Equivalent Fractions
                                 Fractions on a number line
                                   Fractions for collection of objects - II
                                     Mixed Fractions
                                       Fraction Addition with equal denominators
                                         Fraction Subtraction with equal denominators
                                           Addition and Subtraction when denominators are multiples
                                             Addition of fractions with unlike denominators
                                               Subtraction of fractions with unlike denominators
                                                 Decimal Fractions (upto thousandths)
                                                   Comparison of Decimal Fractions
                                                     Decimals on a Number line
                                                       Add and subtract Decimal Fractions (Part I)
                                                         Add and subtract Decimal Fractions (Part II)
                                                           Multiplication and Division of Decimal Fractions
                                                             Introduction to Algebra
                                                               Algebra equations
                                                                 Introduction to Ratios
                                                                   Introduction to Proportions and Unitary Method
                                                                     Comparison of Ratios
                                                                       Basic Geometrical Ideas
                                                                         Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
                                                                           Measurement of Angles
                                                                             Types of Angles
                                                                                 Properties of triangles
                                                                                     Properties of Quadrilaterals
                                                                                         Three dimensional shapes and nets
                                                                                           Reflection and Rotation Symmetry
                                                                                             Basic Constructions
                                                                                               Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
                                                                                                 Angle Constructions
                                                                                                   Perimeter and Area
                                                                                                     Pictographs and Bar Graphs