Math Buddy
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Sample Lessons
Sample Activities
Color and count the objects
Hungry Crocodile
Where should the boy stand?
Subtraction is taking away
Arrange in ascending order
Who says the correct time?
Spatial Sense - Locate on a grid
Group the blocks and identify
Let us do some skip counting
How fast can you divide?
Fun at the Park
Can you tell the time?
Vertices and adjacents
Fruits in a basket
  Multiplication Express
  Duplicate the fraction
  Help the para-diver
  Area of the picture
  Identify the cube net
  Read a simple timeline
  Divisibility Test
  Play with place values
  The Broken Calculator
  Place Value Balance
  Shoot the balloons
  Explore Triangular Prisms
  Identify the shapes using a light source
  Represent as a mixed fraction
  Spinning Game
  How much do I need to turn?
  Help the Roman!
  Find the correct trail
  Divide a chocolate bar
  Alphabet Symmetry
  Volume of an object
Integers with a Thermometer
Addition of Integers with Chips
Modeling equations using blocks
Testing for proportionality
Parallel lines
Estimate the location on the number line
Construct a perpendicular line
Integer Multiplication using Chips
Position the rational number on the number line
Percentage pie
Adding polynomials using blocks
Pythagoras theorem
Rotational symmetry
Area of a circle
  Divide polynomials using blocks
Dividing powers with same base
Perfect squares using Prime Factors
Factors of a Quadratic function using a graph
Exterior angles of a Polygon
Properties of a Trapezium
Help the Soldier
  Battle ship Game
  Properties of a Parallelogram
  Angle at the center of a Circle
  Transformations - Rotation of Polygons
  Escape! - Game
  Comparison of Volumes - Cylinders with different radii
  Statistics - Cumulative Frequency Distribution
Zeroes of a Quadratic Polynomial
Similar Triangles - Identify Similarity
Trigonometry - Hit the fighter plane!
Coordinate Geometry - Clueless!
Sum of the first n natural numbers
Volume and Surface Area of Compound Shapes
Constructions - Tangents to a circle from a point outside