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In the classroom
Complete Math Teaching and Learning Solution
  • Concrete2Concept hands-on manipulatives for exploratory learning
  • Virtual interactive software to make your classroom come alive
  • Cloud based access for continued learning from home
For Families
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Make your children fall in love with Math!
  • 1300+ interactive, playful activities for understanding concepts
  • 800+ Interactive worksheets and assessments for students
  • Detailed reports to monitor your child’s progress



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We offer 1300+ interactive and engaging activities, 150+ multi-player combat games for children to compete, and heaps of skill-drill & practice opportunities, peppered across grades, to help children develop interest, motivation and competence in doing math. Click here to experience all the 1300 activities

Math Buddy for school

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Math Buddy Advantages
  • Interactive platform: More than 1300 playful and interactive activities from grades (1 to 10) to make math learning fun and engaging for children as well as develop Math muscles that can last lifetime.
  • Step-by- step to abstraction: Activities designed based on the principles to “Near to Far”, gradually moving from relatable context to abstract math.
  • Aligned to major curriculum: Aligned to your child’s school syllabus (CBSE, ICSE, and others) to make learning and teaching easier.
  • Engaging games and rewards: Play to earn points, gain energy and trade in with super hero avatars of your choice.
  • Anytime, anywhere access: Access Math Buddy anytime, anywhere using any device.
  • Above all, it works!
How does wall of fame work?
If you learn more, you earn more! With sufficient points earned, students can find themselves racing to the top of Math Buddy Wall of Fame in no time.
How to become a part of Math Buddy Wall of Fame?
It’s easy.
Students collect points by completing activities, smartsheets and assessments in Math Buddy. They can also earn points by participating in question of the day and discussion forums.
Different ways in which they can earn points include

Within their student console, students can view the daily points earned. If their total is high enough, they will automatically appear on Wall of Fame Leaderboard of Math Buddy website that week!
How is the Wall of Fame leaderboard calculated?
The score is calculated based on students’ weighted performance in activities, smartsheets, assessments, question of the day and discussion forum posts over the past 7 days. A student needs to have attempted at least one smart sheet or assessment over the past 7 days in order to qualify for the Wall of Fame.
The Wall of Fame is updated every day. Students will have plenty of chance to become a part of the Wall of Fame and enjoy perks & rewards that comes along with the rank for e.g. unlock and select an avatar personification of choice.

Keep playing!
Math Buddy For Schools

With a blended approach using hands-on kits and software, Math Buddy gives teachers an access to multitude of activities and builds confidence in teachers to lead classrooms... Read More...

For Students
  • Interactive activities for concept exploration
  • Engaging games and rewards
  • Hints & Explanation
  • Access anytime, anywhere
For Schools
  • Blended Math for different learners
  • Aligned to your curriculum and standards
  • Control and monitor usage
Math Buddy For Families

With interactivity built into every element of Math Buddy, Math learning becomes an exciting experience for your children so they can develop competence in math…

For Students
  • Build math confidence and competence
  • Catch up or get ahead
  • Engaging games and rewards
  • Unlimited Practice
For Families
  • Help your children learn with understanding
  • Watch your child progress
  • More affordable than a tutor

Ask a Question
Ask a question helps students
as well as teachers to get their math queries resolved. Anyone can ask a question and our experts from Math Buddy will answer them. The questions can also be answered by fellow students or teachers.


An online Math Olympiad conducted thrice a year with a focus on testing conceptual understanding. Students from all over the world participate and compete to become the Math Buddy Math Wiz! Free for students enrolled in Math Buddy.


Question of the Day
Math Buddy's most popular feature. We publish a new question every day for grades 1 to 8 designed to make children think. Teachers across the world use this as their starter activity in their classrooms! Register for free to track performance!